Command Staff

Command Council

Fleet Admiral Michael Kilbey, Command Advisor, Remaining Founder
Rear Admiral Jeremy Bergdorff – Director, Science and Research Division
Rear Admiral Tom Bainbridge – Chief of Fleet Operations, Chapter Commands
Rear Admiral Joshua Lee Anzaldi – Fleet Chief of Staff
Rear Admiral Mike Richardson – Director, Engineering and Services Division

Fleet Chief of Staff’s Office

Commodore James Knotts – Vice Chief of Staff
Commodore Tj Feldman – Director, Communications

Engineering/Services Command

Commodore Donald Hayunga – Director, Ship/Station Design
Commodore Jeremy Taylor – Director, Computer and Starship/Station Technologies

Zone 1 Command (United States)

Rear Admiral Mike Richardson – Commander
Commodore James Knotts – Co-Executive Officer, Commander, 2nd and 4th Fleets
Fleet Captain Mike Calhoun – Co-Executive Officer, Commander, 1st and 3rd Fleets

Zone 2 Command (UK, Ireland & Iceland)

Fleet Captain Martin Strang – Command Liaison

Zone 3 Command (Canada)

Commodore Donald Hayunga – Commander, Zone 3

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