From Fitbit to Tattoo and Everywhere In Between: Trek is All Around Us

Star Trek fandom has no limits as shown in the pictures included for this article. The idea for this piece came when I met Sol Sector’s own Deputy Director of Communications Fleet Captain McClendon. He was quick to show me his Delta shield and Enterprise tattoos. I thought that was awesome but was truly blown away when I met a lady at ComicCon who had “Live long and prosper” tattooed on her forearm in Cyrillic (Russian). It didn’t end there though as my own Fitbit offered me the option of purchasing an LCARS style screen. Other examples of Trek influenced technology are on Ipads, Iphones, and Apple watches. The pictures all come from within Sol Sector’s own ranks and I know someone who recently set up their Amazon Echo to resemble LCARS as well.

Star Trek Tattoo

People are passionate about Star Trek in ways I have not seen replicated elsewhere. Gene Roddenberry’s vision is even more significant today in the divided world we live in but Star Trek brings people together. In building the crew for my ship (USS Firestar) I could have kept it local but despite the challenges I have a global crew and I am making sure everyone will be able to contribute even if those contributions are virtual.

The influence of Star Trek is timeless and everlasting and as much motivational as fun. My Fitbit reminds me how many more steps I need to achieve a given goal and sometimes I get as frustrated with it as Enterprise engineers did with computers but alas I go on. Star Trek is over 50 and still going strong and I, for one am glad to be able to use it for something fun and functional.

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