Sol Sector @ RI Comic Con

Commander Knotts, Lieutenant Commander Anzaldi (pictured) and myself represented the USS Narragansett and Sol Sector Command at RI Comic Con today. I was happy to see and talk with many Star Trek fans and handed out many Sol Sector flyers.

CMDR Knotts and LCDR Anzaldi will be there for the rest of the Con. Commander Feldman, CO of the newly launched shuttle USS Firestar and Sol Sector’s Chief of Communations will also be there to represent us this weekend.

Many members of the USS Narragansett also work at the Con as employees or volunteers including Rear Admiral Anzaldi, Commodore Knotts and most of the Narragansett’s Senior Staff and bridge crew.

If you visit the Con you can find our table on the second floor of the Convention Center near the sky bridge to the Dunkin Donuts Center, or you might run into some other Narragansett crew members in Staff t-shirts.

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