Tribbles: Key to Recruitment Effort at RI ComicCon

Tribble used at RI Comic Con as recruiting tool
This Tribble worked hard at RI Comic Con as a recruiting tool for Sol Sector Command.

Who knew that something small, fuzzy and quiet would draw so much attention? Yes, that’s right I’m talking about the two Tribbles who were the highlight of the Sol Sector recruiting table at the 2018 RI Comic Con in Providence.

The flyer we had was awesome and the pair of display cases featuring Star Trek props drew “oohs” and “aahs”, but the Tribbles produced smiles and may have inspired a few new recruits to join Sol Sector.

Indeed, I am being lighthearted and recruiting for our organization as a whole, and individual chapters is an important part of our growth. However, I am illustrating the point that effective recruiting doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy or hi-tech. In fact, our table did not have electricity until Sunday, so for all of Saturday our recruiting succeeded based on the terrific team I had working with me from the USS Narragansett in Commander Dalton Knotts and Lieutenant Commander Kathryn Anzaldi and the materials we had. Awareness of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command increased and people shared their favorite Star Trek stories as they asked about Sol Sector Command and our mission.

In the coming months, many of you will be doing recruiting of your own so as you plan choose your tools and your people wisely as these are the elements that matter. Always have fun and if you do use Tribbles, be sure they won’t replicate! Enjoy the Starfleet, Sol Sector Command experience.

CMDR Tj Feldman
Director of Communications, Sol Sector Command
Commanding Officer, USS Firestar

Nurse Tribble pretending to be a commander.

Editor’s Note: Tribbles also make great characters on your ship. Nurse Tribble often fills in on the bridge for our CMO when she is on an away mission, providing much entertainment for our crew.
CAPT Taylor, USS Narragansett

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