RADM Anzaldi’s log supplemental

Stardate: 96475.22

Subject: Admiral’s log for the end of the month of October and beginning of November

Addressing officer: RADM. J. Anzaldi

Location: Earth Station Titan

Time: 22:54

Begin log:  This month was a very exciting work packed month for the Chief of Staff office. Everyone here on earth station Titan, and all of the fleet waited with fingers crossed as the new  web page for sol sector command designed by CAPT. Jeremy Taylor, in correlation with Starfleet sol sector command communications, and engineering services departments, readied for launch. To our relief and satisfaction, the page launched smoothly, and automation came online making future reports, logs, and fleet archives are filed, organized and kept with ease allowing Captains and Command staff to focus more on growing the fleet, instead of chasing complicated reports.

With this new Web page launched, also came new recruiting tools that can be applied to live recruiting events such as conventions. On the page, an online recruiting and application for officers for Starfleet Sol Sector Command. The page featured a full, chapter provided listings of the current ships in service within the fleet. This is also a list generated by the new MSR reporting sheets submitted by the ships for the month of September.

Armed with these new tools, an away team was assembled, tasked with testing these new tools live at the 2018 Rhode Island Comicon. This convention is the worlds largest signature con, and is heavily attended by people from all over. The team consisted of CDRE. Feldman, CAPT. Taylor, CMDR. D. Knotts, and LCDR. K. Anzaldi. With them they carried an assortment of Starfleet standard issue equipment, some recruiting fliers, and two fine contained tribble specimens. CDRE. J. Knotts and myself also attended the event as we both work for the convention. We were able to oversee the away mission. All officers performed admirably and duty commendations are in line for all team members.

This month has also marked several other changes in the Fleet. A plan to commission starbases to every fleet and zone to accommodate new members while waiting for a new ship to be built, or a current chapter to pick them up has been set in motion. It is the hope to also start a chapter training program at each starbase allowing new starships to be built and launched with trained and ready crews. A full announcement and outline of the plan will be released one the details have been fully worked out.

This month also saw a promotion being given to our Fleet Communications Chief. Tj Feldman was promoted for the rank of Commander, to Commodore. Her tireless devotion to her duties and fleet have impressed the Command Council, and Admiralty Board and a unanimous decision was made and signed into order by my hand this afternoon. She now holds the rank held by her predecessor, and the rank we have viewed she deserved. Many congratulations go to her and her staff. Also, she has commissioned her own flagship, the USS. Firestar. She has managed to gather a small crew and is currently going through her NX Trials before the ship is commissioned as a full NCC.

As one can tell the last few weeks have held many starts to new futures for us here in Sol Sector Command. Earth station Titan has been a buzz with many new members, and many vets with new excitement. The future looks bright for us, and I can only hope that this new day dawns the start of a new chapter in the fleets history. A next step in our evolution and growth as we boldly go where no one has gone before

– end log

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