The Crew of the USS Narragansett Get a New Home

The USS Narragansett NCC 75017, which has been commanded by Commodore James Knotts for the past 3 years, has been retired after sustaining heavy damage during a classified encounter in the Bajoran system. The Crew of the Narragansett along with engineers from DS9 were able to get most of her systems working, but the ship needed a new warp core, nacelles and a host of other items. Command made the determination that the ship was not able to be brought back into service.

Commodore Knotts, who serves as the Commander of the 2nd and 4th Fleets of Zone 1, has been given command of the USS Narragansett NCC 75017-A, a brand new Sovereign Refit class ship with some additional enhancements appropriate for a Fleet Flagship. Fleet Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Joshua Anzaldi also calls the Narragansett home, as do the other 40+ members of the USS Narragansett Crew.

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