Monthly Status Reports Made Easy

The Fleet Commanders and Command Council like to keep up with what’s happening at with all the ships in the fleet. In order to do this, we ask all Commanding Officers (or their designee) to submit a monthly report that includes information about their Vessel and what happened for the month. In the past this has been done by posting on the Sol Sector Operations Facebook Page, via email, or via a shared Google account with vary degrees of success.

Now, we’ve made it super easy. We have switched to using a Google Form to collect the reports. It’s now super easy to fill out the form, click submit, and know that all the right people get access to it. Information on how to access the form has been distributed through the appropriate secure channels. Should you require access and not have seen the announcement, open a helpdesk ticket and we will verify that you should have access and then provide the access information to you.

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